Alumni are people who have ever participated in sponsored by the U.S. government programs. Once you have become an alumni – you are always an alumni! This website is created to support Russian alumni of all programs to offer new opportunities and support creative ideas financially.

Please note that some features of the Alumni Network are available only for authorized users. But if you are an alumni – you are very welcome to register and to become a part of the community!


Our values:

  • Empower through education
  • Broaden worldviews
  • Share perspectives, challenge assumptions and build consensus
  • Create bridges between cultures
  • Connect people through cultural exchange & education
  • Embrace technology
  • Integrate digital tools to support program development, operations and communications
  • Believe in the spirit of exploration
  • Support lifelong learning and reflection


The foundation of Russian-American relations – both our friendship and our capacity to work together as two great nations – ultimately rests on how well ordinary citizens on both sides understand each other. That is why the U.S. Government believes that the most important contribution we can make to a stronger Russian-American relationship is to invest in expanding the knowledge and contacts among people in both countries.

As a result of U.S. government exchange programs, more than 50,000 Russians and Americans have had the opportunity to take part in academic or professional exchanges during the past decade.

Exchange Programs

The effect of an exchange experience on a person’s life extends far beyond the time actually spent abroad. Similarly, an exchange program affects not only individual participants, but also those who get to know them while the United States and those back home in Russia who hear about their experiences once they return. In this way, people-to-people exchanges between Russians and Americans benefit both countries by improving our ability to understand each other, by enabling us to compare and share approaches to common problems, and by increasing the network of ties binding our nations together in the peaceful pursuit of common goals.

Programs for Professionals

In addition to multiple short and long-term academic exchange programs, U.S. Mission Russia offers programs for professional development.